Sunday, April 5, 2015


Anybody ever seen this show?

Crazy obstacles, silly falls, wild announcers.  Sound familiar?  Well, last weekend we set off with a group of my coworkers to run the Wipeout Run based on the TV show.  Here is a quick summary of my thoughts on the run.

It was a 3 mile course with obstacles throughout.  There were long stretches (almost a mile) in between some of the obstacles.  Which, would normally be just fine, but it was 85 degrees out and this was set up in a giant parking lot, which made the run parts HOT.  I won't really complain though, because most of the obstacles involved getting wet, so the heat was only bad for the first long stretch of running.

Now this was the fun stuff!!  We laughed and laughed during all of the obstacles.


By the way, the big balls obstacle was way harder than you'd guess. Jumping from bouncy ball to bouncy ball seems easy... It is not. But it is hilarious. 

One note about the obstacles though:  they get DIRTY.  By the time our heat went, the water was filthy and cringe-worthy. Next year, I will sign up for the first, early morning wave...before the water gets black with everyone else's....ugh. 
Feeling Good!
Great group!  Great fun!

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