Monday, January 30, 2017


Last week my long run was planned for nine miles.  Let me tell you a little something about the weather I faced during the entire nine miles.... IT WAS WINDY!!!  Both coming and going, it was windy!  I'm talking limbs down everywhere, leaves and dirt flying in my face, and a literal wind-wall at times that felt like it was pushing me backwards.  In other words, it was a real sh$tty run.

Running into the wind can be extremely discouraging.  All of your momentum is heading forward, you are working with all of your might to push on, and yet this force you cannot control is holding you back.  The temptation to quit can be so strong. 

When the temptation to quit creeps in, you have to find inspiration to keep going.

And my inspiration came from watching and marching with an amazing group of 50,000 men and women and children all coming together to demand equal rights and equal protection for all (including things like paid family leave; anti-discrimination protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Americans; access to affordable reproductive health care; an end to the use of military-style weapons and tactics by the police in minority communities; a living minimum wage; immigration reform, with a path to citizenship; and protection of the environment and public lands). 

Now, I know not everyone was as inspired by the marches around the world as I was, but I have to tell you, being in a crowd of 50,000 all of whom were kind, and compassionate, and creative, and bright, and bold, and determined, and concerned for the well-being of everyone, not just people who look like and think like them, well it just makes you want to be a better person.  And, frankly, it made me not want to give up the next day.  When that wind-wall would slap into me and stop me in my tracks, I would think of all those amazing women from the day before, some of whom were in their 70's, none of whom complained about the crowds, or the heat, or the hours and hours of standing.  I knew those ladies wouldn't let a little wind stop them, and I knew I couldn't either.

Monday, January 16, 2017

What Lies Ahead

When you're on your long run and these are the footprints you come across, it makes you wonder, what lies ahead?!?!

Seriously, you guys, what makes that print??

Thursday, January 12, 2017

It's Official!

I am officially running 13.1 miles in less than one month.  Errr... scratch that...I am officially attempting to run 13.1 miles in less than one month.
If you've been reading my blog lately you've probably noticed that I've been training for this race for a couple months, but I just wasn't ready to make it official until now.  I kept waiting to feel like I was ready.  I'm not sure I actually feel ready yet, but I at least feel really committed.  I mean, after nearly two months of training, I kind of have to go through with it, right?

Saturday, January 7, 2017

This Never Happens

You guys... it's freezing in Houston!  This never happens. 

It was literally below freezing (with a feels like temperature of 11!) this morning and I was scheduled for a long run.  I really, really considered pushing it to Sunday when it was supposed to be at least forty degrees, but I had already spent Friday night sober in preparation for today's run, so I had to run.  Nobody's trying to spend the whole weekend without wine.

Running when it feels like eleven degrees can be described, at best,  as shocking.  More accurately, it should be described as....ummm...leaky.  Why don't more people talk about the leakage?!?!  Seriously, a hot body and freezing temperatures do not make for a pretty runner. 

See?  Not a pretty runner.
The run itself was pretty good.  I was happy with my pace and nothing hurt (other than my lungs and fingers - those were frozen).  It's been weird, this training cycle I've found that my weekday short runs have been rather brutal, but my weekend long runs have been really encouraging.  The good news is my next race is a weekend long run.  Hopefully a warmer run too.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Seven and Sayonara '16

This week's run had me up to seven miles.  There's not a lot to report on the run.  I would say it was good in that it was uneventful.  Uneventful, when running, is always good.  I had a decent pace and it didn't hurt (well, it mostly didn't hurt).  It was nice to hit over half of the way on the training program and feel confident and comfortable. 
Don't I look confident and comfortable? 

This is how I choose to celebrate my long runs these days.  A beer and a foot massage.  I would say both were well deserved.

I also celebrated the end of 2016 similarly. 

Normally, this is the time I would take to reflect on my year of running and evaluate what I had and hadn't achieved, to see how far I had come and how far I had left to go.  Normally, this is a time of reflection.  Well, there's not much to look back on.  I've been consistently running only for a number of weeks now.  This year it feels like there is no looking back.  All eyes focused on 2017.