Saturday, January 7, 2017

This Never Happens

You guys... it's freezing in Houston!  This never happens. 

It was literally below freezing (with a feels like temperature of 11!) this morning and I was scheduled for a long run.  I really, really considered pushing it to Sunday when it was supposed to be at least forty degrees, but I had already spent Friday night sober in preparation for today's run, so I had to run.  Nobody's trying to spend the whole weekend without wine.

Running when it feels like eleven degrees can be described, at best,  as shocking.  More accurately, it should be described as....ummm...leaky.  Why don't more people talk about the leakage?!?!  Seriously, a hot body and freezing temperatures do not make for a pretty runner. 

See?  Not a pretty runner.
The run itself was pretty good.  I was happy with my pace and nothing hurt (other than my lungs and fingers - those were frozen).  It's been weird, this training cycle I've found that my weekday short runs have been rather brutal, but my weekend long runs have been really encouraging.  The good news is my next race is a weekend long run.  Hopefully a warmer run too.

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