Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Six! And When You Know Better, You Do Better

Check it out!  Six whole miles.  My longest run in at least 18 months. 

Turns out it is impossible to selfie the number six.  Also, I forgot to filter these photos.  Can we all just pretend I look better after six miles?

Remember back when I used to run six miles all of the time with no problem?  I do too.  I actually remember saying out loud, "I think six miles is a perfect daily run.  It's easy enough to do every day and just hard enough to feel like a workout." HA HA HA!!  Those were the days. 

These days, six miles is not so easy and I'm glad I'm not doing it every day.  Six miles, these days, is very hard.  Here is what got me through: I knew I could do it.  And knowing I could do it meant I could actually do it.  I didn't matter what I thought about the run because I knew I would finish.  That's been the nice thing about this training (yes, training - more on that later!) cycle.  I've been here, I've done it.  Sure, it feels like a lifetime ago and I'm trying to do it with a whole new body and a whole new life, but I have done it.  I know I can do it.  And so I am doing it.


And, just in case you think the above pictures are the absolute worst post-run pictures a person could take, nope.  This was attempt no. 1:
Stop.  Just stop.

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