Sunday, March 8, 2015

Mo' Running

Let's face it: Sometimes MOtel running isn't quite as luxurious as you would hope.  Sometimes they don't have any MO than the very, very basics.

Nonetheless, I found myself out of town yesterday morning and in need of an early run and this place was it for me (there was still snow on the ground in Dallas, and this Texas girl doesn't run in the white stuff).  To be fair though, you don't need a whole lot in a hotel gym. A treadmill, a fan, and maybe some water. And, while this one was small and simple, it had everything I needed. 

The worst part was that I forgot to pack my earbuds. A tune-less run can really be a torturous run.  Luckily, the place I was staying piped music into the fitness center ("center" being a really generous description of "room"). Or, at least, I thought it was lucky until I realized what exactly they were playing. 

Really, it was terrible. Go ahead, look it up, give it a listen. This song is bad. It's not a running song, it's not a walking song, and it's not an elliptical song. It has no place in a fitness center. 

So, instead of music, I tried focusing on the TV instead. Of course, with no volume, TV isn't very entertaining. I stopped it on this infomercial and tried to use the "after" photos as inspiration. 

But then I switched to a baking show. Sweets are definitely more my motivation style.   

Here is my point in all of this:  You don't always get the most ideal conditions.  Things aren't necessarily going to be exactly like you'd like them.  Sometimes you'll have to push yourself to find even the smallest shred of motivation to keep going.  But, the basics will be there for you.  You will always have what you need.  And then it's up to you to make the MOst of it.
***Side note: Really, I was trying everything just to avoid focusing on this.  Listen motel/hotel/fitness center designers, no one needs a mirror 3 feet from their face as they run.  It's always awkward and sometimes, like when it's really, really early in the morning and you have no make up on and you're really tired and looking a little rough, it's downright depressing to watch your eye-bags bounce up in down with each step.  So, for the sake of my sanity, can we agree to keep the mirrors to the side or back of us?  Or at least get some better lighting??

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