Wednesday, March 4, 2015

You Can't Help But

You can't help but run happy when the weather delivers you a gift like yesterday. 

Ignore that is says it's mostly cloudy.  I forgot to take the screenshot until over an hour after my run and it was sunny as could be while I ran.

Mother Nature gave us a little preview of what's to come this Spring and I am soooo ready!  I heard someone announce that it was "hot out there," and I promptly left the office, headed home, and slipped on my running shorts.  I have been craving some warm weather running and I soaked it all in yesterday.  As you know, I've been a treadmill runner this winter and after yesterday's run, I am so looking forward to ditching the 'mill and getting back out on the roads. 
By the way, I just googled it and we officially have 16 days left until Spring.  We can all make it 16 more days, right??  Remind me of this later in the week when the next cold front comes through.
On a side note, you may remember that I've mentioned before that running shorts have never been my jam.  But, I think I'm finally coming around.  My husband gave me the above shorts for Christmas (Christmas is the greatest time for runners!) and I LOVE them.  They are so lightweight you don't feel them at all.  And the band is secure without being tight.  They were wonderful.  I think they are the Nike Rivals, but I will double check for you.  Now if only running clothes makers would start making zippers to fit the iphone 6, then I would be set.  Can I get an amen on that?

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