Saturday, September 5, 2015

Brain Duh'd

Y'all, pregnancy brain is REAL!!  And, the effects are serious. 

Yesterday, I got to the gym, changed into my workout clothes, and realized I'd forgotten to pack my shoes. 

Today, I packed my gym shoes, got to the gym, and realized I'd forgotten the whole damn bag!

I swear I'm not doing it on purpose. I really do want to exercise. It's not me.  It's this baby girl. She clearly doesn't want me to be fit. She wants me at home, on the couch, eating Oreos. She's sabotaging my body and my brain!

I get that this is a time in my life where "taking it easy" and "giving myself a break" is acceptable and encouraged, but this is getting ridiculous. I do want to stay active and strong. I just don't have the brainpower these days to remember how to do it. 

Now, back to those Oreos...

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