Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy National Running Day!

I run....
  • For those who can't.
  • For the challenge - running is HARD!
  • For the ease - Throw your shoes on and go.  No driving, no membership fees, no waiting for machines.
  • To say that I do.
  • To know that I can.
  • To clear my head.
  • To clear my conscience - Let's face it, it's not uncommon for me to have a multiple cookie kind of day.
  • To sweat it out.
  • To give thanks for what I've been given - not everyone gets the chance to run.
  • Because not that many years ago I had to train to run one mile without stopping.
  • The free stuff in the race day goody bags -  Specifically, the T-shirts.
  • To see the beautiful signs of life all around me.
  • A little alone time with my ipod - Thank you Beyonce, Christina, Madonna, Britney, Fergie...
  • To prove to myself that I am strong, that I am fit, and that I was made to run.
  • To be inspired.
  • To be inspiring - Even if to just one person (me?).
  • Running buddies!! - More about them coming soon.
  • Sometimes they serve free beer after the races.
  • To reconnect with myself.
  • To disconnect - No emails.  No texts.  Just me, my feet, and the trail in front of me.
  • Because one day I will be one of those who can't and I don't want to look back on the road behind me and wish I would have spent more time running it!
Now, feel free to use one of mine or pick your own reason, but get out there today and run like you were born to run.

Enjoying a free post drink beverage. Cheers to you!!
Look what I scored tonight on my run.  It's a free shirt!


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