Saturday, June 29, 2013

Slow Starter

Today was the offcial Chevron Houston Marathon kickoff party/run.  This is where I should be posting the picture of me holding my official "in training" shirt....except that I slept right through it.  Then, once I was awake, I threw on my running clothes and took myself directly to get a pedicure.  Looks like I am still in the denial phase of training. 
All that said, I have decided to go with a sixteen week training program again (I may throw in an extra week or two to allow for an off week or injury rest).  So, I still have plenty of time before my official training kick off.  Until then, I think I'm going to start to try different run programs aimed at improving speed.  Although, in my case the aim is to create speed.  You can't improve what isn't there to start with.  I'll be doing fartlek programs and negative split trainings.  Or, at least, as I lie here on the couch, that's what I'm planning.

Today's positive non-run takeaway: My toes look great!

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