Tuesday, July 30, 2013

The Sun, The Sand, and OH MY LEGS!!!

This week, I found myself in paradise.  Literally.  How could I not go for a run on the beach, when this was my view?!?

Now, I am definitely not an experienced beach runner.  In fact, I'm usually floating in the ocean with a nice adult beverage in hand groaning as I watch those beach runners pass by.  But like I said, this was an opportunity I just couldn't pass up.  I had previously done a little reading here and there about running on the beach and decided to follow a few beginner tips like sticking to the tightly packed sand and running with shoes on.  So, on my trusty friends went and I headed down to the water's edge. 

I didn't expect the run to be easy.  I never expect any runs to be easy.  But man, I didn't realize it would be that hard.  The low temperature on the island was about 81 degrees and the high was in the mid 90's, so the heat didn't help, especially with that sun beating down.  What I really felt immediately though, was the effect on my legs of running in the sand.  It was crazy exhausting and my legs felt like dead weight.  Turns out those holes in the top of running shoes that allow air flow are also great for letting sand in!!  My legs actually were dead weight. 

What to do when four minutes in you are regretting your decision to run and thinking there is absolutely no way you can make it to the end?  Get grateful!  Luckily, being grateful isn't hard to do when you've got a crystal ocean next to you, white soft sand under you, and the blue sky above.  As I ran, I kept my eyes on the beauty around me and my thoughts on the gratitude I felt for the opportunity to run surrounded by such beauty.  When you are busy thinking of all of the gifts that surround you, you don't even notice the hurdles in front of you. 

My attempt at a grateful face.  Maybe I should invest in some running sunglasses... 

Speaking of hurdles in front of you, there actually was an old/deconstructed pier right in the middle of the beach run.  On my way out, I actually hurdled it bad ass style.  On the way back, I climbed on top, stopped, and nearly collapsed.  As in my legs gave out and I had to sit down and take a breather.  Also known as a photo op.
Mostly this blog entry is just an opportunity to show off the beauty that can be found through running (or floating in the ocean with a nice adult beverage in hand, but that's another blog). 

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