Monday, July 8, 2013

Uninspiring Perspiring

This has been the view on my last couple of runs:
So, you can understand why I haven't exactly been feeling inspired these days.  But that's okay, you can't expect awe at every turn.  Sometimes you just DO IT TO GET THROUGH IT.
You do it because you said you would, or because it'll make you better in the long run, or so you can have that extra slice of cake, or just because you simply have to.  And sometimes, it just isn't any deeper than that. 
We all have days (weeks? months???) when the only lesson to take is that there isn't a lesson to be learned.  At least not yet.  Sometimes the lesson comes well after we've drudged through run after run after run.  Maybe that's the point, maybe we don't need the lesson to get through the all of the runs, maybe we need all of the runs to get through to the the lesson.
Or maybe I'm just extra tired and talking nonsense. 
So, here's to DOING IT TO GET THROUGH IT.  No one promised it would be pretty.
Why didn't I start a blog about an activity that requires me to wear makeup??

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