Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Word To The Wine

Oh wine, specifically you, red wine.  Oh, how I love you.  You have been such a good friend to me.  So soothing after a long day at the office.  So uplifting when you gather with me and my friends.  So perfect with a romantic dinner and so fun on a sneak away lunch!  Wine you and I have had a long history together filled with many fun memories.  But, alas, it is marathon training time.  And as wondeful a friend as you are to me, you can also be a real bitch sometimes.  After hanging out with you, I'm often lathargic and have trouble getting out of bed.  I'm dehydrated and sometimes you leave me with a pretty big headache.  None of these characteristics are helpful when training for a marathon.  While training for a marathon, I need friends who will keep me hydrated and healthy (hello, water).  I need friends who will replenish my system after a long run (hello, sports drinks).  And, I also need friends who won't encourage me to eat greasy foods like chips and queso or chinese takeout after we've hungout (wine, you know this is your favorite thing to try to talk me into the next day while I'm sleepy and not feeling well).  So, wine, I think we are going to have to start spending a little time apart.  I'm not saying we can't still be friends.  We just won't get to spend as much time together as we normally do over the next four months.  Sure, we'll still see each other on special occasions and certain events.  And yes, there will be a few nights when I will need to spend some quality time with you.  But, our standing Friday evening dates are off.  Please understand, it's nothing personal.  I promise, it's not you, it's me.  Well, okay, it is you a little bit. 
Please, someone, I need these socks.

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