Saturday, September 28, 2013

Will and Mind

Today's long run marked the furthest I would run since I last trained for a half marathon over ten months ago. I spent all night yesterday hydrating and preparing.  Yet, this morning I was still really anxious. It may sound silly, and I'm sure it is, but I get really nervous before long runs. I'm not exactly sure why. I spent a lot of today's run trying to figure out why the anxiety. I think it has something to do with my perfectionistic tendencies. I want every run to go perfectly (you've probably guessed that I don't define perfectly as fast. I'd be in trouble if I did).  I think that because my first marathon did not go as planned, I'm feeling more pressure to get this one right.  Anyway, as I ran I came across this sign:

I don't go to this church, so I have no idea what this sermon series is about, but I sure am glad I came upon week three. I realized then and there that these were the two things that were going to keep me going: my will and my mind. My body is strong. My body can run. My body has been prepared for each run by every run that has come before. My body is capable of running what is requires. It's my will and my mind that struggle. When the run gets hard, my breathing goes, and my feet ache, it is my will that will either stop me in my tracks or carry me forward. 

The run was hard, but with my will and my mind set straight ahead, I made it and in decent time. There are many, MANY miles ahead and many of those miles will be a struggle. But thanks to a little sign along the way, I know I've got the tools to make it. 

Oh, and if anyone remembers my complaint about the heat and humidity, well, it's still hot and humid as hell here. Forget that it is only a few days from October, it still feels like 90 degrees!! 

And then it was home to take part in my post long run tradition. Which is to eat everything in sight!!  I may want to rethink this tradition, but some other day. You're looking at my favorite post long run indulgence. Don't judge. Okay, you can judge, but that's fine. It just means there will be more for me!

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