Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Spot the Problem

So, this is what happens when you pack your running bag in the wee hours of the morning:

So now I'm sitting here at the running trail  debating if it's a sign or not. What do you think?  Should I run in this condition?

***UPDATE:  I'm updating to let you know that I did indeed run 5 miles like this.  Luckily, other runners are very forgiving and did not give me any crazy looks.  At least not while they were running towards me.  Once we passed each other, I'm sure they started cracking up.  But man, when you have one new shoe and one old shoe on you can really tell just how dead that old shoes is.  The shoe on the left is toast!  I knew it was bad, which is why I bought the new, but I didn't realize how bad.  I had been hanging on to the old pair for emergencies, but no more.  These shoes are immediately going to be recycled!  Did you know that you could recycle your old shoes?  I have someone in my office who keeps a box for collecting and donating old shoes, but there are PLENTY of ways to donate your running shoes.  And, Goodness knows we runner's go through a ton of shoes!  Below are some links to multiple  shoe recycling programs:

Also, for all of you in Houston, Luke's Locker will take your old shoes for a recycling program.

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