Monday, October 14, 2013

Long Run Randomness 2

If you're committing to the long run, get ready to be very familiar with this sign ( unless you are a guy reading this. If that's the case, your sign will look a little different):

It's inevitable. When you spend 24 hours hydrating and fueling and then take off for running a couple of hours, public facilities are in your future.  There is no getting around it. Try to plan ahead. I like to stick near park areas or trails with fast food restaurants nearby. I, at all costs (well, maybe not at ALL costs), avoid port o potties, but that's just a personal thing and I see lots of runners ducking into them.  Hopefully, those runners carry hand sanitizer.  This past week I found myself having to run (literally) into a bar at the height of happy hour. Lets call that a cool runner feeling. Kind of like forgetting to take off your fanny pack while shopping around town after a run. Yup, that's another "cool" runner feeling. I'm sooo cool!

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