Saturday, October 26, 2013

The Beach Is In My Blood And Stuck To My Face - Galveston Running

I promised a friend of mine who has been battling cancer (so there's some pressure) that I would write about how beautiful and inspiring today's run was. I think I can let this picture explain it for me:  

No filter needed here, folks. 

Welcome to Galveston. Galveston gets a bum rap as a beach. But let me tell you, I love this town. So many memories along this seawall and on these beaches. Family trips down here make up some of my earliest memories, field trip fun growing up, high school shenanigans (I'm old), and weekend beach house trips with friends. My husband and I even got engaged in Galveston. When I say this place is special to me, I mean it. 

I didn't have very high expectations for today's twelve mile run. It was terribly windy and I just felt really nervous. So much so that as my husband was dropping me off to start my seawall run, I told him that I wasn't even going to shoot for my "goal" pace. I told him all I was going to concern myself with was logging twelve miles and being done. So, with the above sunrise view next to me, off I went. I wasn't concerned with pace. I just kept putting one foot in front of the other.  As I ran, I was flooded with Galveston memories. Camping trips with my brothers on the beach, underage partying during high school summers (sorry, mom), kisses with boys I liked by the ocean (including my husband!), attending weddings of friends, wild nights sleeping in the car on the beach (again, sorry mom), yummy food on The Strand and by the ocean, it goes on and on. I finally looked down at my Garmin and saw that I was actually running well below my "goal" pace. And I was feeling great. I wasn't even feeling the run. And it continued on that way for the whole twelve miles (except on small stumble). I managed to take a full 10 seconds off of last week's pace and I loved the run. 

So, this blog is a big thank you to Galveston and to everyone who I have made memories with down here. It was you and those memories making today's run the joy it was. I love you and I love Galveston. 

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