Thursday, October 24, 2013

Treat Your Feet

When the road gets hard treat your feet!!

This run we are all on is going to be long and hard and, at times, it is going to leave us feeling worse for the wear.  There are going to be days we feel exhausted, beat, and beat up.   And on those days I tell you to treat your feet. 

This is how I spent my much needed and well deserved (if I do say so myself) off day. 

We runners have such a hard time giving ourselves a break. We feel like we have to run and run and run ourselves into ground all in the name training and in hopes of improvement. We are terrified to let off the gas for fear of backtracking. We are scared to slow down. But, the reality is our bodies require some off time.  They crave the break.  By giving ourselves a rest we are actually allowing our bodies the opportunity to build strength and reduce fatigue. Off days allow you to heal and grow. Embrace the off days. Know that in the off period you are allowing yourself the opportunity to grow and improve.  

So, when you feel the road below you starting to take its toll, take a break and get a foot massage!!  

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