Thursday, October 3, 2013

Protect Yourself

Okay, you know how I say one of my favorite things about running is that you can just grab your shoes and run (literally) out the door?  Well, I am probably exaggerating a little on that one. While still the most convienent form of exercise, there is some preparation that goes into running. Aside from standing around with my arm aimed to the sky waiting for my Garmen to locate a satellite (seriously why is it so slow some mornings!?!), this is how I spend a lot of my pre-race time:
Say hello to my running shelf. This is where I spend time before every run protecting myself. Really runners, you've got to use sunscreen before heading out on those long runs. Lets face it, tank tops and racerbacks do not leave sexy tan lines. You can always spot a runner in a bathing suit, she will be the one with crazy tan lines across her back and weird sock lines on her legs. But really, the truth is we run for our health. So be healthy running!!  Protect yourself from the sun. Even when the weather starts to cool (I hear that happens. I haven't actually experienced it yet), it's important to protect your skin. You'll notice I use the sport spray. It makes quickly getting out the door much easier. But, because I have sensitive skin, I also use a very high SPF on my face.  It's worth the extra 30 seconds of application. Oh, and if you're from around Houston, you'll know why I keep a minimum of four mosquito repellents handy. Really, I don't think those little blood suckers. Are going any where this year!!  They make post-run stretching miserable. 

So to you runners I say, be strong, be fast, be safe, and be sticky. Because there's no way around it. Sweat + sunscreen + mosquito spray = one hot mess. 

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