Sunday, October 20, 2013

Long Run Randomness 3

Hello. Meet Marcus. I just did. 

I love runners. About 4 miles into today's 11 miles, this random guy went to pass me on the trail and made a comment about my pace and I replied back something about not being able to keep up with him.  I think sensing that I needed a little pick me up, Marcus, decided to run with me. I'd forgotten how nice it is to talk to someone while you run. Really helps to pass time. Turns out, Marcus ran the Chicago Marathon last weekend and was putting in twelve miles this morning. Whaaa!?!?  Marcus is obviously insane.  But of the crazy about running nature and thankfully not of the actually so insane you might be scared to be around him nature.  After I run the marathon in January, you'll be lucky to see me out of anything but Uggs for at least a week. You certainly won't see me in running shoes going twelve miles!!  Anyway, what other sport would someone slow down their training to help a stranger with theirs!?  Marcus actually pushed me on pace and I found myself really running without thinking about it. Normally, I don't recommend talking to strangers, but I don't really think runners are strangers. We are just friends who have never spoken before. 

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