Sunday, March 9, 2014

I forgot!

This morning marked the official start of half marathon training. Don't most people start training just a month out?  What's that you say?  No, they normally train significantly longer? Oops!!!  One month to get back into race shape should make for an interesting month to say the least.  But as I set out on this morning's run, I realized there were a few things I'd forgotten about long run training:

1.  How hard it is to get out of bed that early on a Saturday. 
2.  My strict no wine the night before rule. Big oops there. 
3.  Pre-run nutrition. Someone needs to stock up on Cheerios and Luna bars. I didn't even think of it and today was a scrounge around the kitchen in hopes of finding something other than syrup-y waffles morning. 
3. In-run nutrition. Turns out I've snacked on my Shot Bloks to the point of there being none left. What can I say?  They are so yummy. 
5.  Running is not exactly like riding a bike. You can forget how it's done. Turns out that expecting the same level of endurance and speed as when I was full on marathon training is unrealistic. 
6. It's a little like riding a bike though  in that your body does remember the motion and after a few minutes of struggle, it will settle in. 
7. The meaning of the phrase "on your left."  This morning, it took so long to process what that meant that I was nearly run over by a biking group. Another oops!
8. Pain. Yup. I'd forgotten that running isn't always pain free. It's hard. Very hard.
9.  The importance of Chapstick. 
10. The runner's wave. The greatest of all trail running rewards!
11. The joy of firsthand experiencing nature's changing seasons. I've written about the heat of summer and the bite of winter, but watching Spring roll in is amazing. All Texans will understand when I tell you about the beauty of the wildflowers around here. Our bayous and freeways and shared medians are covered in wildflowers during Spring. And I can attest, Spring is coming. 
12. The Ramen Noodle craving. 
13. The joy of taking pictures of all of the signs along the way. 
14. Feeling productive before 9:00 a.m.
15. Sharing my runs with all of you. I might not know you all, but you all have motivated me for countless miles.  Thank you.

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