Tuesday, July 29, 2014


I feel the need to clarify a couple of things for you. It's come to my attention recently that there are some misconceptions out there about me. 

First and foremost, let me be very clear about this fact: unless your definition of the word "good," has nothing to do with speed or technique, I am NOT a good runner!! Only if you consider anyone who puts one foot in front of the other moving in a forward motion a good runner could I ever fall into that category.  In pretty much every way, I am nothing more than a mediocre runner. Which is a pretty entertaining statement considering I write a blog about running.  But, it is a true statement nonetheless. I can't tell you how often people tell me that they don't want to run with me because I am so fast or good. This cracks me up as many of them would probably run circles around me. Somehow, and I think unintentionally, I have misled many of you into thinking that I am some sort of accomplished runner. Again, let me state, I am a mediocre runner at best. Sure, I've never finished a race in last place, but I've also never finished first. On the few occasions I have even come near the top of the pack, I can assure you it has only been a reflection on the size of the race, not the speed of my stride. 

I think if I am going to be very honest with you, even honest with myself, I have probably enjoyed the misconception. Of course a part of me enjoys when people think if me as a good runner. I can't lie and say that I don't wish I was better. Of course I wish I was one of those runners who turns heads and inspires awe as I pass by. Trust me, I am not. To all of those wonderful people out there who have said they could never keep up with me: I am flattered, but you are under the wrong impression. 

Before people think I am being too hard on myself, let me tell you that I am perfectly okay with not being a good runner. I am a proud runner regardless of my speed or skill. Running is not easy for me. I don't do it because I am fast, I do it because it is hard. Very hard. 

Second, when people hear about this blog or find out how often I run, they assume I love running.  Let me clarify that as well, the runs where I feel in love with running while its happening are few and VERY far between. During 90% of my runs, I am counting down the miles until it is over. Running is not always fun while it's happening. In fact, pretty often running is kind of miserable while it's happening. No matter how many miles a week I put in, my lungs are usually on fire and my legs feel like lead (maybe this has something to do with paragraphs two and three of this blog).  While there are lots runners out there who love every step of the long run, I am not one of them (except every now and then.  Every now and then, there are runs that are amazing from the first step to last). 

I do still love running. I just usually love it after it's over.  I love it for the way I feel after accomplishing a particularly long or hard run.  Knowing that I am capable of doing hard things, things that I don't always enjoy, things that I am not good at gives me a pride and confidence that goes well beyond the running trail. 

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