Wednesday, February 4, 2015


This, my friends, is the face of an outlaw. A woman with no respect for the rules.  A real rebel.  Public enemy number one. 

You can see the crazy in her eyes, right?  Or is that just exhaustion?

What did this criminal do? This crazy lady snuck into a gym for an out-of-town run without alerting any employees or paying any money. 

To be fair, there were no employees when she showed up. Just two doors - one read, "guests," and was locked no matter how hard you pulled or knocked. And the other, marked, "members," was innocently held open by an unsuspecting patron. I'm sure he meant well holding the door open for this criminal. How could he have known she didn't really belong?  How could he know she would spend an hour running at a gym she didn't belong to for free? 

Then again, can you really blame her?  This is what the running trail looked like when she woke up:

And we know a Texas girl can't be running on ice and snow. Well, maybe she can, but she's not crazy enough to want to.  So, she was kind of forced to sneak in a run elsewhere...literally.
***For those of you interested in justice, this rebellious woman went to another gym the next day and had to pay $20 for a one-day pass.  $20?!?!?!  Proof karma really can be a b%tch.

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