Saturday, April 12, 2014

Pre-Race Jitters

I'm making a tradition of packet pickup selfies. This probably isn't the greatest tradition. 

I'm in Galveston gearing up for the Diva's half marathon. I'm not really sure how I'm feeling now 10 hours out from the start line, other than a little nervous. Last night, my husband asked if I was excited about the race and I told him that I wasn't sure if excited was the right word. I told him that I was having a lot of feelings, but that it was weird because nervous wasn't one of them.  Well, I spoke too soon because the nerves hit me pretty hard this morning. I think knowing that this is the least "prepared" I've ever been for a run has me feeling uneasy. I'm used to be really well trained, having stuck to a strict running program and dedicating myself fully to the preparation. This go 'round, I can't even say I've trained much at a all. I did my long runs and kept up with most weekly short runs, but my mentality just never was quite right. I know that I said this race was going to be just for fun and that I wasn't going to worry about pace or time or finish. Listen, I was lying. Not purposefully. I wanted to be telling the truth. But, this afternoon as I was packing up to head down here, the competitor inside started rearing her head and now I have to admit, I want to run well. I want to run fast. 

Of course, I'm willing now to dedicate myself fully to the training. And by "training," I mean carb loading!!

Wish me luck!!  Not with the carb loading. I don't need luck with that. It's a given. 

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