Wednesday, April 30, 2014

She nailed it. And I added a few.

I came across this short article today, and yeah I would say she nailed it.  Especially the last one...
A couple of items I would add:
1.  Plan future conversations.  I can't tell you how many arguments and then subsequent make-ups with my husband I've had in my head all alone on the long run.  With so much time on my hands (actually, on my feet) and no one to actually talk to, I spend an insane amount of time imagining I'm talking to someone.  A lot of that time, I'm pretending to talk to Paul  This probably pays off pretty well for him because I've usually solved our imaginary argument by the time I get home and all is well and he doesn't even know we had a fight.
2.  Take pictures.  Okay, so y'all are all painfully aware of this one by now.  You'd think I'd get better at the on-the-long-run selfie with so much practice, but no...
3.  Learn French.  I am sad to report that my French is TERRIBLE.  After hours and hours of running and listening to "How to Speak French, Lesson One," I thought I was ready to move on to lesson two.  Ha!  I was oh so very wrong.  Back to lesson one for me.  Of course, listening to and then repeating French statements out loud is a lot less embarrassing alone on the trail than on the elliptical with someone right next to you.  So, I might be putting off lessons for a few more weeks.
4. Curse myself for starting this.  Let's be honest, on long runs we all spend a significant amount of time questioning our sanity and cursing ourselves for setting the alarm.  It's usually not until after I've finished my mileage that I am overcome with the gratitude and excitement I feel about running.  It's an in hindsight feeling, not so much an as it's happening feeling.
4. To Do Lists.  What else is there to do but make them?
5.  Obsessively check my Garmin.  I do it like it's my job.  This is a bad, bad habit.  One I am unlikely to break anytime soon.  But, I do encourage you to break the habit if you do this too.  You know, it's a do as I say not as I do type thing.
6.  Wave.  You know how much I love my runner's wave!!
7.  Write blogs.  Well, at least plan the blogs I will write.  I can't lie.  This is the main thing that occupies my time while I run.  I love thinking of what I'm going to tell you later (all 3 or 4 of you).  Sometimes I start out with something on my mind and spend the run developing that thought into a blog and sometimes I have no idea of what I will write about next and then something happens on the long run that inspires me to want to inspire you.  Either way, I spend a lot of time imagining what I will say to you.  So,in a way, you are my inspiration for running.  Thank you for that.
And I keep reading how you should never post a blog without pictures.  But, since I'm not running and pictures on the elliptical are boring, I've just posted the last photo in my phone.  I colored my hair (big news for me) and I was trying to document the change, but you can't tell at all in this picture.  What can I say?  It was this photo or the screenshot of the recipe I'm going to cook tonight for dinner.  Not so sure you came out ahead on this one.

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