Saturday, June 7, 2014

Indiana Randomness

It's cool to celebrate National Doughnut Day for two days right?!?  I've heard chocolate with sprinkles is the best running fuel out there. I am sure that Shot Bloks will be coming out with a chocolate sprinkle doughnut flavor really soon. 

We are in Indiana visiting family, so my run was significantly less hot and humid. But it was also significantly more uphill. As I tackled the hills, I ran past this mailbox and thought, "Yes, exactly. Ugh."  

Indiana is really pretty. Everything is so green and lush. It's crazy to think just a couple of months ago everything here was covered in ice and snow. You know what else I think is crazy?  Christmas trees just grow wild around here. All over the place you just see big huge Christmas trees growing wild.

 And it's only normal to stop and take a picture of yourself in front of a Christmas tree in June, right?

After my run the other day, I checked the weather where I was and the weather back home. I can't lie, running in the 60's is way better than running in the 80's. Oh, Houston summers. You are great poolside, but painful on the run. 

On one of my runs through an Indiana park, I came across this exact replica of the log cabin Abraham Lincoln grew up in. 

Not sure exactly of the relevance of this log cabin to that specific park since Abraham Lincoln did not grow up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. But it got me thinking, is that why they are called Lincoln Logs???

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