Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Starting 30 Day Challenges....errr....tomorrow

Today is the start of several 30 day challenges for me. Except that I didn't start a single one of them today.  But tomorrow really will be the day. I'm sure of it...at least pretty sure...

Bar Method - I've signed up for a 30 day challenge with Bar Method that started today. The challenge is to attend 25 class in 30 days. I'm pretty sure I'm set up for certain failure on this challenge seeing as I'm only in town 2.5 (less than) days during the whole first week of the challenge and today (day 1 of 2.5) I got stuck in a traffic jam so bad I missed class by half an hour (on a side note - I just read an article that said people hate when you tell them how bad traffic was, so sorry for putting you through that). But, I am still determined. Even if I can't meet the challenge, I fully intend to give it my best. You know, starting tomorrow. 

2. Diet - I am not normally a fan of "diets."  Mostly, because I can't stick to them, which is exactly the whole point and problem with diets. But that said, I've been in a bit of a rut lately and I'm looking to kick start my body a little bit (a very little bit - you all should know I really LOVE eating and could never give up the joys of good food). I found an online 30 day "diet" challenge that seems totally doable. And by totally doable, I mean partially doable. This next month is full of travel and jam packed weekends that I already know will make it impossible to stick to any strict diet plan exactly.  So, once again, I intend to give this 30 day diet plan a try, knowing full well that I won't be perfect at it.

3. Abs - What can I say?  I was intrigued by the 30 day ab challenge that took the social media world by storm this month. Not sure how much change I will actually see by following this plan, but I figure if everyone else is doing it, so should I. 

So, here goes nothing. Honestly, as of today, literally nothing (it wasn't the greatest day today). But, as Annie says, "tomorrow, tomorrow, there's always tomorrow."

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