Wednesday, June 4, 2014

National Running Day

Happy National Running Day!!!!
I'm so excited that today is National Running Day.  I feel like we should all celebrate with cupcakes and balloons.
Of course, we should also probably take the day to think about why we run.  I know I write a lot about the various reasons why I run, but since today is National Running Day, I figured I would revisit a blog I wrote around this time last year.

Also, I found this and I would say that it is IT.  Exactly and in every way, this is it.

So, today on National Running Day, get out and go for a run.  Even if it's your very first time and you can't go further than the end of your street.  It still counts as a run.  Enjoy it.  And then go get that celebratory cupcake!

Me and my celebratory peach cobbler. 

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