Thursday, June 4, 2015

National Running Day...Surprise!

Yesterday was National Running Day. 
I hope you all got in a good run to celebrate and reflect on all of the reasons you run or want to run. I know I've gone into all of the reasons I celebrate National Running Day before (read them all here), but this year, I was running for a whole new reason....

This year, I ran for my baby. I also ran with my baby ( on board!). 

I run because I believe staying mentally and physically strong is good for my baby. 

I run because I believe that I still have to take time from my day to do things I love and I'm passionate about. And I want my baby to know that it's okay to take care of yourself, even when others need taking care of too. 

I run because I want to be a good role model for my baby. I want this baby to know its mom is strong and determined and willing to do hard things. 

I run because one day my baby will look back and think, if my mom could run while she was carrying me, my mom can do anything, and if my mom can do anything, so can I. 


I run because, oh my goodness, you wouldn't believe how much I eat now!

***If while reading this, you substitute the word "shuffle" for the word "run," you'll actually be reading a more accurate version of this post. 

And because so many people have asked, belly shot:

***Since we are talking about national days of celebration, I thought I would make you aware that tomorrow is National Donut Day.  I will definitely be celebrating National Donut Day, but I probably won't be posting belly pictures after.

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