Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Central Perk and Think Pizza

This weekend I was able to scratch one item off of my runner's bucket list. I ran Central Park! 
Fully enjoying my Central Park touristy moment.
One perk of having a best friend living in Manhattan is that I've been able to run all over New York City. But, for some reason, I had never actually run in Central Park.  So before this trip I made a point of saying that I wanted to spend one morning running in the park. 

On Sunday, I was able to convince my lovely husband and friends (after a long Saturday night out for dinner and drinks, which makes them extra, extra lovely) to take the short subway ride to Central Park and run with me. 

The hubs caught up with (lapped) me in time for a picture break
Then off he went leaving me in the dust.  Some things never change no matter where you are.

It was an absolutely perfect New York day and running around the reservoir was beautiful. New York, I have to hand it to you, you are really good to runners. 

You know what always makes runs easier?  Gratitude. While I ran I thought about how grateful I am to be able to run in great places like this. I know not everyone gets to run all over the world and I am truly grateful for my opportunities. I also thought a lot about how grateful I am to have such amazing friends in my life.  I know I am blessed.  The only thing I know to do to honor all my blessings is to always be grateful for them.

You know what else makes running easier? The promise of truly wonderful New York pizza!

There are lots of reasons to run, pizza being right up there in the top!

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