Thursday, October 16, 2014

Suddenly Stopped.

This afternoon, I got the below email from the organizers of the half marathon I'm supposed to be running in three weeks:

So, here I am. Suddenly stopped. Training suddenly over. Race plan suddenly gone. Not sure what to do next. 

Here is a little secret about runners: We are planners. Big time planners.  As in, every single day is planned around training for a race. We plan our miles, we plan our meals, we plan our cross training, we even plan our rest days. We do all of this planning in a very specific timeline designed to produce the best possible results on race day. 

And how do we runners react when a simple click of the mouse and opening of an email blows that plan to smithereens???  How else?  We go for a run (well, after an hour or so of head shaking and WTFing).  I haven't figured our my next move yet. 

What do you think?  Big bummer or well deserved break?

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