Friday, October 24, 2014

Total Rundomness

Rundom thoughts:

After a seven mile run and some yoga stretching, I looked down, saw these guys, and had the sudden thought, "Thank you so much legs. You have, literally, always supported me and carried me the distance. So what if you're really short and have some dimples?  I love you."

It's always important to let someone know when (and I should have included where) you're running. This is how we roll:

I think my neighbor has gone too far in the Halloween decorating. I'm telling you these heads are CREEPY. 

Oh the things we do for love. The Hubs decided we should go on a 21 day diet plan (upcoming beach vacation to blame). Now, I don't really believe in diets, per se. I believe in healthy living. I believe in everything in moderation. I also really believe in daily doses of cookies, brownies, or cake. So, imagine my lack of excitement every day when all of my meals look like this:

All of my meals, except...
You can take the carbs away from the girl, but not the cookies!!

After I left The Bar Method this morning, I looked up and saw this gorgeous sunrise. Later in the day I noticed lots of people posting very similar pictures of the very same sunrise. I love knowing that so many other people were looking up and smiling at the same time I was. 

I couldn't bear to click the link for fear the answer would be no. I like my post-run beers way too much to find out they aren't good for me. 

Earlier this week I made a decision and I'm feeling more that half crazy for it.  More on that to follow....

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