Saturday, October 18, 2014

Picture Perfect Ten

Last week, I mentioned that I ran ten miles before leaving for New York and promised that I would fill you in on the long run. I think the best way to summarize my ten miles is in pictures. 

Pre-run fueling:

10 mile entertainment (yes, I recognize I'm several years late to the Gone Girl party):

It was a hot ten:
These ten miles were full of signs:

Put them together and you get, "Love Win(s)"

No, I did not fall down and take this picture. 

And the best of them all:
Who remembers Bonita Apple Bottom?

Post run re-fuel:
Fun Fact: I've never had a soda in my life.  But, I will get down on some Sonic iced tea.

You see what I did there? Ten pictures for ten miles. 

****Here's a bonus pic:
No matter how dark it is, the sun always rises!

It's Oprah, y'all!!  I'm heading out this morning for day 2 of the Life You Want tour. I just can't wait. 

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