Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Eyes On The Prize

Now that I'm officially old, I've started listening to podcasts on my way to the office instead of pop radio (I'm pretty sure "talk" radio is the official sign of being a geezer).  I came across this TED Talk the other day and I really wanted to share it with you.
Click Here to read or listen to Emily Balcetis' TED Talk about why some people find exercise harder than others. 
It's a great reminder to all of us runners the importance of keeping our eyes on the prize.  When training is hard and miserable, look towards the finish line and know that it's not as far as you think. 
And, more importantly, for all of us it's a reminder that life is all about perspective.  Life is how we see it.  If we keep focused on our goals, the road to get there doesn't seem so far.  It's only when we get distracted by outside obstacles or inside deterrents that the finish line feels so unattainable.  We must keep our eye on the prize.  We must live with purpose and intent and not let anything sway us from the path we are set on.
Have you set your goals for 2015? 

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