Saturday, January 3, 2015

2015 Fail

You guys, 2015 has not got off to the greatest of starts. I'm beginning to believe there is something to the whole black eyed peas and cabbage thing, which I skipped this year for some yummy Cajun cooking in New Orleans. I now see that this was a big mistake, because my loved ones and I have really needed some better luck so far this year. Is there a January 3rd lucky tradition??  If so, tell me what it is.  I'll do it. I would do anything to get this year moving in the right direction for everyone. 

The running hasn't been so great either. This is how my Brooks spent the first two days of 2015:

I swear I had the best of intentions packing them for our trip. I really planned on ushering out 2014 with a run and ringing in 2015 with a run. Alas, neither happened. Mostly I drank and ate 2014 away and guzzled and gorged 2015 in. 

But today was the day I swore I was going to brush the cobwebs off and turn this new year around. I was going to run the bad off and welcome the new in. But, then the weather looked like this and I'm sick to death of being cold. 

So, I loaded up and headed to the gym for a 2015 date with a treadmill. But, then I got here and realized I didn't have any headphones with me and this gym plays no music and well, silent treadmill running just isn't my thing.  So, here I am.  I'm really close to the treadmills but hanging back on the arc trainer.  Maybe tomorrow...

You know what happened as I was typing this post?  I realized that it's only been 2.5 days!  I can't really complain about 2.5 days being crappy. There are 362.5 days to turn this ship around. 362.5 days left to have an amazing year.  Instead of focusing on the not so uplifting start to the year, I'm going to get excited about the uphill swing we're surely headed for.
And things are already looking up. Some girl just came by and gave me some free protein bars. 

Of course, she called me ma'am as she gave them to me, so there's still that....

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