Monday, January 5, 2015

For The Glove Of Running

One of my Christmas presents this year was a pair of fancy new running gloves.

I decided to give them a go this morning as I set out running in the 40 degree winter weather (yes, 40 degrees is extreme winter weather in Houston). 

Now, I'm not normally a glove girl.  My hands are usually the first thing to heat up on a run and I find myself wanting to rip my gloves off about a mile or two in.  At the beginning of winter I usually buy five or six pairs of gloves from the Target $1 bin and use them as necessary and toss them in the trash cans along the trail as soon as I get sick of wearing them. 

But, I'd never had a pair of gloves specific for running so I was excited to try them out.  Half a mile in, the usual happened and I was sick of the gloves. I made my mind up to tell The Hubs we needed to return them. 

And then my foot clipped a crack in the sidewalk and down I went. Hard. I caught all of my weight with my hands. This was the result:

I guess the gloves came in "handy" after all...

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