Saturday, January 24, 2015

People Watching

Forget malls and airports. There is no better place to people watch than a gym. 

Gyms are full of all types of characters.  There's tattoo guy, stinky guy, sweaty guy (sir, your sweat is literally flinging on me from two machines away), out loud singer girl and guy, treadmill dancing girl (okay, so sometimes that's me).  There's the yeller (I think it's too heavy, dude).   There's chatty Cathy (that's never me).  There's that person in class who doesn't care what moves the rest of you are doing, she's going to step-touch her way through the entire class.  There's the guy that insists on turning the TVs to FoxNews.  There's the dude in sunglasses and there's the girl who talks on her phone the entire time (my friends would kill me if I called them that early in the morning).  There's the couple in the group fitness room giving each other full body massages while laying on top of one another.  There's the guy who doesn't care that the elliptical is broken and making a terrible screeching noise with every stride.  He's not stopping to switch machines, so you'd better turn the volume up in your earbuds.  There's the dude working out in jeans and the guy silently passing gas on the machine next to you.  There's the picture taker (me).  There's the guy who stops to talk to everyone as if he's running for President of the gym.  There's the trainer who comes up to comment on your form at least once a day.  There's the guy who is going to sit on that machine checking his phone no matter how long you circle waiting to get on.
Have you heard the phrase, "it takes all kinds?"  Well, the gym is truly a world in and of itself made of up all sizes, shapes, and personalities.  If you are looking for some entertainment, just head to your local 24 Hr. Fitness.  The funny thing?  All these people have one thing in common.  We all love to sweat (some more than others).  We get the importance of physical activity.   We want to do our bodies good.  We love to move.  You should join us.  It won't be dull.
***Bonus story:  About a minute after I snuck this pictures, a man walked up to the woman and asked if she was an Indian.  He said her headwear made him think she was an Indian.'s a bandana.  What?!?!  I love gym people.

Who are your favorite gym people?

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