Sunday, May 18, 2014

Getting Fit is GLOWrious!

I had to share with you the GLOWrious event I attended this week:  Glow Bar!

A late night Bar Method class done in black lights with fun glow sticks and techno music. And okay, with a little highlighter writing thrown in (no need to ask how I know this trick).

The class was hard as ever (complete with shaking, sweating, and even some pretty loud cursing from one of my bar-mates), but still so much fun. We had a great time as a group getting fit and smiling the whole time. 

And that's what it's all about guys, having fun and enjoying ourselves. Sure, some mornings the work is plain ol' hard, boring, and repetitive, but that's why we need to take every opportunity we can to spice it up and have fun. We are here for a very short time and it shouldn't be just to take part in monotonous sweat sessions that don't bring you joy. This is also why I highly recommend working out  with friends. Everything is better with your girlfriends by your side (even Bar Method thigh work). 

Having a blast with Rachel, Bar Method Houston studio owner and awesome friend.  And, relax people.  It says, "Tuck."
Tucking and shaking is one of my favorite things to do with Rebecca...well, along with pretty much anything else.  Love her.
Here's my challenge to you: Find a fun fit event coming up in your area and sign up for it (added bonus if it's a glow in the dark activity!). Sure, working out is good for our bodies, but having fun with it is great for our souls. 

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