Friday, May 30, 2014

What I Did...Again

Attempt #2 (see previous post) at writing this blog is coming at you this morning direct from this baby:

Don't worry, I have not completely given up my running in order to write blogs for you. It's just that this is pretty much the only time and place I can find to write these days (which should explain the typos). I spent the first part of my morning on this bad boy running intervals:

**On a side note, I struggle with the discipline of intervals. I know the key to doing intervals correctly and maximizing the benefit is to really, really slow down (aka: walk) on the slow cycle, before taking it back up fast, but the inner crazy in me feels like I'm slacking on the walk part. Anyone else have this problem or is it just me?

Anyway, what I thought I would fill you in on is not what I'm doing now, but what I did on my month sabbatical from running. 

1. Cybex Machine.
Speaking of this lovely little cardio machine (pictured above) she and I have become really close in the last month and a half or so. Not only because I can blog and read while I workout, but because the Cybex machine, similarly to the elliptical, simulates the action of running without all of the pounding on my joints. Sure, I'm supposed to hold on to the arm handles and get an upper body/better workout, but then how would I type?  And sure it's kinda like running, but I go absolutely nowhere.  Do the hours and hours that I put in on the Cybex ever get boring?  Most definitely. But then, every now and then this happens and I find I can go on and on. 
I find there is nothing that helps pass time like SATC.
 2.  Bar Method. 
Most importantly, I took my time off from running as an opportunity to get back into the habit of attending Bar Method classes 3-4 days a week. I cannot tell you how happy I am to be back at it. Realizing how much I had let my muscles go without use during all of those months of marathon training, was a pretty painful process. But, it made me realize more than ever what Bar Method does for my body. First of all, with every exercise developed and reviewed by physical therapists, I never have to worry about injuring myself. But, beyond that, it is the way I feel after Bar Method classes: pulled in, pulled up (we literally work posture during the whole class), and strong. Nothing is as good for my self-confidence as a week straight at the Bar (and I don't mean the happy hour kind of bar, although after some time there I'm usually feeling pretty confident too). 

3. Yoga.
I tagged along with a friend of mine to her yoga class. I have to admit here, yoga isn't my strong suit. I do though, enjoy it for the amazing benefits that come with deep stretching. In fact, when I trained my first marathon, I was very disciplined about going to yoga twice a week and I would highly recommend it for anyone else in long distance training. My problem is, I can't seem to slow my brain down enough to really get into and grasp all of the mental benefits of yoga. I think running is for me what yoga is for a lot of people. That said, working out with friends is always fun. As is the dinner/wine afterwards. What can I say? I'm all about rewarding myself. 

4.  Weights.
So, I usually try to stay out of gym the weight areas for fear of getting hot on my creepy workout dude or for fear of looking like a total spaz when I can't figure out how to make the machine move to fit me. But, because I love working my muscles, I've been venturing into my gym's group fitness room when there aren't any classes going on and having space to myself to do some free weights. I'm not naturally a weights kind of girl. I think because of years of gymnastics I just prefer using my own body weight as resistance for strength training. But, there is something to be said for changing up your routine and I've found that I see/feel results even when I just throw in a few minutes of weight lifting here and there after a good cardio session. That said, I keep the load very light and prefer to do more reps. This is a personal preference and how I feel most comfortable avoiding injury. Everyone has to find their own happy place when it comes to strength training. 

5.  Bicycling
This has been the most fun for me to take up. My husband bought me a bike for my birthday and we've taken to going on long rides all over town about once a week. I am absolutely loving these long rides and we usually reward ourselves afterwards by stopping for dinner and drinks somewhere, which I am also loving. Bike riding is something I never thought I would enjoy but lately, if we haven't ridden by Sunday, I'm usually climbing the walls to get out of the house. Please note, I am a terrible bike rider. Just awful. My husband spends a great deal of our rides laughing at what a scaredy cat I am. But, what the hell. Sometimes it's okay to do things you are very, very bad at. 

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