Thursday, August 21, 2014

Is the Universe Against Me?

Well I was all prepared yesterday morning to hit the gym for a good sweat session.  I was up early and even had a workout plan in hand so I could really start getting back into the swing of my routine.  I was in a seriously good mood as I left for the gym at 5:20 a.m.  And then, BAM!!  I was in a pretty significant and very scary car accident. 
I'm fine.  Very, very minor injuries.  My car is not so fine, however.  I am very thankful for airbags and seatbelts and all of the other wonderful Volva safety features.  I am also very thankful for insurance.  Mostly I am thankful for my wonderful friends, family, and coworkers who expressed concern and cheered me up.
Being in a wreck like that reminds you of how quickly something truly terrible can happen.  How everything can change in a second.  It reminds you of what the really important things in life are and what just isn't so important.  In a weird way, as sh&*ty as  the wreck was, it made me realize what I should be appreciative for. 
That said, I have to ask: What exactly does the Universe have against me being in shape?!?!  I'm pretty sure being t-boned by an SUV was a cosmic way of saying, "Don't workout, go back to bed!!"
Aren't car wrecks the worst!?!  Have you ever been in one?  I swear you never stop seeing it/hearing it. 

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