Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunday Runday

Remember Sunday Fundays?  Well now they are more like Sunday Rundays. 

My thoughts on this Sunday run:

1.  Overall, it was a better run than last week. I added an additional mile to the run and my pace was a lot better. I wouldn't say I was fast, by any means, but I was a little quicker. Aside from the first warm up mile and the last exhausted mile, I was feeling a lot more like my old self on the run. 

2.  Oh, Houston in August. There is no escaping you, is there?  I was out an hour and a half earlier this week, and it was still pretty darn warm. 

3.  Even in shorts and a tank, it was HOT out. Several times during my run I would start thinking how nice it might feel to take off all of my clothes and run naked. Then, I came across this guy who was running barefoot (I know you can't really tell in the picture, but trust me on this, he was extremely overdressed everywhere but his feet) and it made me thankful for at least my socks and shoes!

4.  This is happening in all Houston parks, and I am thrilled about it.

No matter what your thoughts on smoking and smoker rights are, I think we can all agree there is nothing worse than inhaling cigarette smoke as you're run. Look, when I'm running, every single breath matters.  Seriously, I am trying to get in every ounce of air, especially in this heat, and breathing in smoke is pretty much the worst thing ever a I struggle down the trail. Kudos to you City of Houston!!

5.  At about 2.5 miles a bug flew directly into my eye. Listen, it was a BIG bug and it hurt a lot. For about a solid mile after that, I was convinced it was a bee and that it stung my eyeball (turns out it wasn't). I'm sure I looked crazy running with one hand holding my eyelid up and letting years stream down. 

6.  Speaking of ouch, holy thigh chafing.!!  I've never had to put Body Glide down there before, but it looks like it's on my horizon.  Is this what all you shorts-wearing runners go through?!?!  Or do you all have a "thigh gap?"  I just showed my husband the result of today's run (I will spare you from the picture) and I had to explain to him that I hadn't done anything wrong to create this lovely red mark, except, you know, have thighs. 

And finally,
Okay, so maybe there is still some Sunday Funday left in me...

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