Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Gym Rat

I finally made it into the gym this morning. This is something that hasn't happened in ages. Pigs must be flying somewhere. I think the front desk girl almost fell out of her chair when I walked in (I used to be an on the dot regular). I even got some welcome back waves from fellow early morning gym rats. 

And you know what machine I absolutely stayed away from? 
That's right. No treadmill for me!

Instead, I assumed my full on gym rat position.

It was all about the easy, breezy, mind numbing cardio for me this morning. And, I loved it. Seriously, I could have stayed on all morning. Which, is probably why they don't recommend easy breezy cardio machining as one's main form of exercise. But, sometimes it's really nice to just turn off and tune out for a little while. And no harm in getting a sweat on while you do it. Ps - if you were wondering, Mischa Barton admits to having a breakdown a few years ago. Fascinating. 

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