Wednesday, November 13, 2013


It was 39 degrees and pitch black outside when I woke up this morning to run. So, considering how warm and comfy my bed was, I did what any sane person would do. I hit the snooze button. Opting to try again once the sun was out to warm everything up. An hour later, I walked out the door to find it was actually   colder with the sun out! 

WTH!?  Is that supposed to be some sort of lesson about the snooze button?  Well, lesson not learned. I foresee a lot of snoozing in my future. It is just too hard to get out of bed in these. temperatures. Only insane people pop out of bed to go running in 37 degree weather, right!?!

The run wasn't as miserable as I'd anticipated, but it wasn't comfortable either. My legs were crazy tight and it felt like they never loosened up. I never hit a good stride. It just felt like a struggle all morning. Not to mention how that cold air feels when it hits your lungs. I know though, just like running in extreme heat, running in extreme cold (hey, I live in Texas. This is extreme cold) is going to take some getting used to. It's all about training. The first time you face any new situation, it isn't easy. But the more you do it, the more comfortable it becomes. Even if you have to hit snooze a couple of times first. 

Also, meet my new cold weather running essential:
I think my lips cracked in no less than three places during this morning's run. Cracked lips makes smiling at my fellow runners way less fun. 

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