Sunday, November 24, 2013

Long Run Randomness 5

Meet my new motto:
I came across this gem at about mile 9 and I must have repeated it at least ten times between mile 9 and mile 17. I just love my new motto.   

And isn't this always what you would expect to see on a Houston neighborhood run?  Totally normal....not!

Caught a train at mile 14. Forced stretch break.  I was okay with it. 

A note on audiobooks: Life saving!  Lately, I have been getting bored on my long runs and a bored mind tends to focus on how long it's been running. I've been dropping hints to my husband that I need a running buddy if only for a couple miles along the way. He either isn't picking up on my hints or is ignoring me because he has no desire to wake up as early as I do on weekends (either way, smart on his part). So, this week I figured out how to download an audiobook on my phone. I cannot tell you what a difference it made!  I didn't have to think at all for 17 miles. I just focused on the story and the miles passed without my noticing. Well, until mile 14. Those last three didn't pass quite as easily. Still, the audiobook was a game changer for me for sure. 

Lastly, I didn't have a chance for Ramen after my run. But this almost made up for it. I love eating after long runs. As in LOVE. 

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