Saturday, November 9, 2013

Race Crasher

So, it turns out I highly recommend race crashing. This morning as I approached my running trail, I found this sign and realized there was a race going on right in my path. 

Apparently it was a 14k (8.7 miles - I googled) in progress. I stopped and debated what to do and the answer seemed pretty clear. Sure I saw the orange cones blocking my path entrance, but I was already a couple miles in on my 14 mile long run and there wasn't any time to rethink my route. So as a pack ran by, in I jumped. I did my best to look like a teen (fail) and blend in with the group (double fail). Turns out teenagers are fast!! 

But for real, if you have the chance to race crash during your long run, I highly recommend it. Water stations and cheer sections?  Yes please!!  

Oh, and I wasn't lying. I love this stuff after a run. It's really the best. Top Ramen should start marketing itself to runners. Even though there's not one healthy thing about it, Ramen hits the spot after a run!  Even at 10:00 a.m. 

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