Tuesday, December 17, 2013

FUBC Revisited

Does everyone remember my wonderful friend Denise who has been so bravely battling breast cancer this year?

Well, today was her last day of radiation and the last day of, to use her words, active treatment. Just a few hours ago she rang her final bell of treatment and now we can look forward to 2014 and many more years to come as NED (No evidence of disease)!

This morning I threw on my trusty FUBC (there really is no better expression for how I feel about it) tank and as I hit the treadmill, instead of focusing on how far I had to go, I spent the time thinking about how far Denise has come in less than one year. In less than one year, my friend has faced and conquered diagnoses, cutting her hair off, chemo, that damn port, losing the remainder of her hair, two surgeries, the return of hair (much darker!), and now radiation. She has done it all bravely, gracefully, with humor, and of course a couple of tears. I could not be more proud of her or more happy for her if I tried. 

Denise's fight isn't over. She will continue various treatments for many years in order to remain cancer free (or no evidence of cancer as she always reminds me to clarify). These treatments won't all be easy or fun, but she will no doubt handle them with the same courage and strength as she has exemplified in the battle so far. 

Here is to my friend Denise, whom I love very much and who is going to be around for many more walks around the neighborhood with me. 

I'm sure the fellow gym goers were impressed with my treadmill selfie skills. 

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