Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Last Run

Last run of 2013 done and in the books. 

So long to you 2013. On the road together we have faced tough challenges and enjoyed many successes.  In the long run, it has been hard and exhausting and overwhelmingly joyous and strengthening. 2013, along the way you have taught me many life lessons and i thank you for it. Without having traveled this path with you, 2013, I would no doubt be less wise and less prepared for 2014 (I also might be a little less chafed, but that is no matter). I am thankful for you, 2013. I will not forget you. But, it is time now to focus on the trail laid out ahead of me.   Bring it on 2014!!!

Terrible at selfies. Reason no. 1 that one of my 2014 resolutions is find some running buddies. 

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