Friday, January 3, 2014

Running Is My Jam - Help Requested

Here we are.   It's officially 16 days 'till M-Day and that means it's time to start race day preparations.  Time to start thinking about my run outfit, logistics of picking up packets, race day transportation, and where to meet up with friends and family afterwards.  But most importantly, it's time to start stocking up my i-tunes playlist!!!

Here is where you come in -  I need your help picking songs for my marathon mix.  Think of the most motivating/I can kick your ass/I'm not intimidated/I will survive type songs and send them my way.  I would love your suggestions to mix things up and keep me running when I want to stop (and I will want to stop, several times, please do not let me stop). 
You know when you are at the club and your feet are killing you from dancing and you swear you're sitting down as soon as this song is over, but then you hear the first few beats of the next song and you're like, "YES!  This is my jam," so you keep on dancing, even though your feet feel like bloody nubs?  Well, that's the kind of playlist I'm looking for here.
What are your favorite running/working out/dancing your butt off songs???

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