Thursday, January 23, 2014

Follow Up

First and foremost, THANK YOU!!!  I have been overwhelmed by the love you all have shown me since the race.  Your kind and encouraging words have touched my heart and I promise you I do not take them for granted.  I am truly appreciative of you.  Your words have served as comfort, inspiration, and motivation.  When I wrote at the end of my race recap that every dreadful and beautiful step was worth it, I had no idea how true those words were.  You all make me want to keep on running....soon....ish.
Shout out to my amazing husband for hooking me up with an hour long foot reflexology session earlier this week.  After an hour, my legs were feeling like new again.  Of course, by like new what I really mean is like 55% back to normal, which is much better than when I went in.

You may remember that I wrote about the end of the marathon being bitter sweet.  Well, there was nothing bitter about what I was able to raise for The Lupus Foundation.   The final tally came out to $3,545!!  That's over $135 per mile!!  I could not be more proud and more grateful to everyone who donated.  I've mentioned it before, but being able to raise money for causes that impact my loved ones means more to me than any pace or finish or mileage.  Instead of focusing on what I didn't do on marathon day, I'm going to focus on what I did do.  What we did.  And, I am so proud. 
Matt.  My inspiration for raising money.

Mad love to everyone who contributed suggestions for my marathon playlist.  It ended up rocking my socks off.  Let's face it, a good beat can get you a long way.  In times when the road got tough, (you know, miles 18-26!) these fun songs kept me moving.  Warning, this is an eclectic list and and yes, there are some explicit lyrics.  Of course, there were probably some expletives used myself during those rough miles.

Post-marathon runs:  There haven't been any.   My legs actually started feeling up for a short jog on Wednesday.  Just in time for this horrid cough/chest cold to set in.  This sickness has got me with barely enough lung capacity to make my bed.  True story, y'all.  I had to lay back down in it after making it.  I think my body might be telling me something.  I think it's saying that it needs some time to slow down and heal and I'm trying to listen.  But my shoes are starting to call...
Speaking of shoes.  Next time I lace up, this will be the newest addition: 
A little reminder that though I may have to stop along the way and catch my breath, nothing can stop me from getting to where I want to go.  I AM UNSTOPPABLE.

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