Sunday, January 26, 2014

I'm baaaaaack.....ish

I'm back!
Well, ish. I would still say I'm only operating at about 65%.  This sickness just won't go. But I really couldn't stay in bed any longer. It was time to run. 

Exactly one week ago I ran 26.2 miles. Today it was 3.2. What a difference a week can make!  I imagine this run was what starting the engine in an old car would be like. Lots of sputtering and bouncing, even a couple backfires, but eventually evening out to a nice smooth ride. There was some pain in my left knee, my gait felt all wrong, and my lungs never got right, but towards the end, my usual pace came back and I was running again. I was pushing through the pain and really running. 

The mighty may have fallen for a week or so. But I will rise again. Right after another nap and some DayQuil....

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