Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Last Run and I Have Really Good Friends

This morning I completed my very last training run. As the saying goes, "That's All Folks!"

People keep asking me if I'm ready. As of today, I am as ready as I'm going to get. Apart from a little time on the elliptical, a Bar Method class or two, and some serious foam rolling, all physical preparation is over. I'm feeling good. I'm feeling ready. It's funny, I feel like someone should write the five stages of marathon preparation, kind of like they do the stages of grief. We are still five days out and I feel like I've run the gamut of emotions (fear, regret, dread, optimism). But as of now, and for now, I'm feeling good. I'm feeling ready. I'm feeling excited. 

Also, I only hope for you that you have amazing friends like I do. 'Cause mine really are fabulous. I got this super sweet post-race care package from my soul sister, Courtney, in New York. 
And, you know it's going to be hard for me to wait until Sunday to break into that Ramen!!!

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